Service & Parts Coupons and Specials in Midlothian, VA

Front Brake Special

Front Brake Special


with coupon

  • Replace front brake pads
  • Resurface rotors
  • MOC brake pad treatment
  • Clean and lube caliper slide pins
Timing Belt Special

Timing Belt Special


with coupon

  • Replace timing belt and water pump
  • Replace belt tensioner and drive belt
  • One gallon of coolant and MOC coolant conditioner
All-Wheel Alignment

All-Wheel Alignment 


with coupon

  • Adjust caster, camber, and toe-in as needed
  • Check suspension, steering linkage and steering rack preload
  • Inspect wheels and tires
  • Adjust tie rods as needed to center steering wheel 
  • Road test
Oil and Filter Change

Oil and Filter Change


OW-20 Oil With Coupon


  • Replacing engine oil per specifications (up to 5 quarts)
  • Replacing the Honda Genuine oil filter
  • Checking/adjusting fluid levels

Tire Rotation Special


with coupon

Properly rotated tires can last longer, improve gas mileage, provide a smoother ride and more uniform tire wear. Our Honda-trained technicians will rotate and properly inflate all four tires. 

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